Special Event Call (XM1150CAN) as Canada celebrates its 150th... - 09 julho de 2017 às 00:01

The Kings County ARC has obtained this Special Event Call (XM1150CAN) as Canada celebrates its 150th brithday this year.

The call is valid from 1 Feb - 31 Dec, 2017.

We plan to use this call in as many modes as possible throughout the year. It you hear us please spot us.

The call will be used by various members of the Kings County ARC, so it would be greatly appreciated if you exchange along with the RST the name of the operator you have contacted.

As noted we request the use of eQSL, LoTW and Bureau only for cards. We are developing a QSL card and may have a few on hand to respond via the bureau.

We will register the call with both eQSL and LoTW on or shortly after the 1st of Feb, 2017. We are also planning to register the call with Club Log.

For e QSL it will be registered with the account of VE1RSM and for LoTW it will be registered with either VE1FA or VA1YL.

We will upload logs as soon as we can after we gather them from members who use the call.

Please use the VE1 bureau for cards sent via the Canadian Bureau.

We are also planning to use this call vice our club station call for our Jul 1st Canada Day (Summer) contest.

We are looking forward to working you and hope for many QSOs during the 11 months the call will be active.


PY4SM - Marcus


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